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Perfecting your gear

Tuned Skis = Fun On The Mountain

We recommend that you tune your skis at least once per year and/or after about every 20 days on the mountain.

The benefits of a tuned ski or snowboard will be more responsive, glide better, give you better edge grip and deliver an overall better day on the mountain.

Ski Tuning 101

Getting your skis tuned can be a major benefit to your slope experience. But how do you know when it’s time to take them in? How do you pick the right services for your equipment’s needs?

Watch our video guide on how to know it’s time for a tune-up.

* We service skis and snowboards


Sharpen, Belt Grind, Wax


Sharpen, Belt Grind, Stone Structure, Wax


Sharpen, Belt Grind, Minor Base Repair, Stone Structure, Wax


Hand-Beveled Edge. Minor P-Tex, Stone Grind, Hand Wax


Binding Adjust & Test


Mount & Test


Mount w/ Purchase


The Standard Tune Process

Step 1.

Base Grind

Depending on what service you select, we will either base grind your ski or suggest an upgrade to a stone grind. The stone grind is much better as it will etch a structure into the base of your ski. This structure allows the water and snow crystals to flow through the base of the ski faster and more efficiently.

Step 2.

Edge Sharpening

Sharp skis give you a sharp edge to dig into the mountain while controlling speed, parallel skiing and stopping. It should make it easier to ski ice and hard packed snow. Edging skis will also remove rust and burrs. We will also detune your skis in selected areas of the tip and tail so that the ski or snowboard is less grabby.

Step 3.


Ski wax is a water-repellent to keep your skis gliding easier and more efficiently across the snow. Ski wax will also prevent snow from sticking to your base will make for easier and smoother turns. Consider waxing your skis after every 8-10 days of skiing. We also sell wax that can be applied at home.


Binding Test - $35

Indemnified bindings are those that are still considered safe to be serviced according to ski manufacturers.

How long are bindings indemnified?
Approximately ten years. The binding manufacturers send us an updated list every season.

Should I get my ski binding tested every season?
Yes. No matter how recently you bought your last pair of bindings, your entire release system–boot, binding, and ski–should have a complete in-shop inspection before the start of each season.

Ski Tune - $40 - $125

We recommend that you tune your skis at least once per year or after every 20 days of riding.

A tuned ski or snowboard will be more responsive, enhance glide, offer an improved edge grip, and deliver an overall better day on the mountain. At BST, we tune thousands of skis annually, and our certified ski technicians are trained to examine your gear and identify areas in need of improvement.

Gouges in the bottom of your ski or board? No problem. Our ski tech will repair any base damage which is typically caused by hitting rocks in low snow conditions. Fixing these defects will lead to a superior experience on the snow. Typical turnaround for service is five days, but we can expedite upon request.