Finding the right fit is our specialty

16 Years As America's
Best Bootfitters

Boston Ski + Tennis is the only ski shop in Greater Boston to be accredited by America’s Best Bootfitters, the premier international bootfitting organization.
  • All Bootfitters Masterfit Trained and Certified
  • Wide Array of Brands and Models
  • 1 Year Fit Guarantee
  • Custom Insoles Made In House
  • Plan on at least 1 hour for evaluation and boot fit
  • $50 deposit will be credited toward bootfitting
  • After you select a date and time below, you will be be redirected to a payments page in order to enter your credit card information reserve your time slot
America's Best Bootfitters

Purchasing New Ski Boots, Build Custom Insoles, Or Looking To Have Your Current Boots Adjusted?

You could buy a boot anywhere, but at BST we'll help you select the right boot and custom fit it to your feet.

Our Fit

Every boot purchased from Boston Ski + Tennis comes with a complimentary bootfitting. We’re so confident that you will enjoy your new boots, that we back them with a season fit guarantee. If you have any problems whatsoever, bring the boots back to us and we’ll continue to tweak them until everything is just right – at no cost to you!

The Bootfitting Process

Step 1.

Biometric Assessment

We will look at the function of your feet in relation to the rest of your body. Everyone’s feet react differently inside of a ski boot. Through our assessment we’ll get an understanding of what will happen inside the ski boot when skiing.

Custom Bootfit
Step 2.


We will take measurements to determine which size, shape, and model ski boot will fit you best. Since boots come in wide, medium and narrow, getting key measurements will help us hone in on the right selection that will be most beneficial for you.

measure bootfitting
Step 3.

Heat, Shape & Mold

Often we modify the boot to get the right fit. Slight modifications are common since there are many types of feet and only a finite number of ski boots. We can modify them via heat molding, stretching, and grinding. We can also custom build our Daleboot boot line for you.

Used Them For The Whole Family

“I bought myself my first new pair of ski boots. I was so impressed with the attention to details of what they do to get you in the correct boot. I ended up getting my son new boots and will probably get my girls new boots. ( Now that they won't need new boots every year)”

George Papadopoulos

Google Review

Attention To Detail Was On Point

“This service was above and beyond my expectation. Dan spent so much time getting to know my experience, where I ski, what my goals were, and even spent time figuring out exactly how my feet move, where my weak points are, and was able to fit me in some extremely well-fitting boots.”

Ashley DePace

Google Review

Fantastic Boot Lab

``I have visited ski shops across the country and Boston Ski + Tennis was among the best. Their boot lab & technicians were fantastic and had me in a high performance, comfortable fit in no time. Highly recommended and a repeat customer. Thanks to the entire team! Pray for snow!``

Newton Store Customer

Google Review


Best Bootfitting by Boston Ski

Beginner + Advanced

A proper fitting ski boot will enhance any level of skiers enjoyment. From novice to racer, proper ski boot fitting is necessary. Come talk to one of our certified boot fitters about your feet.

Comfort + Control

Ski boots should not hurt your feet. A proper fitting ski boot will allow you to ski with more confidence and control all day. Skiing is supposed to fun after all.


Personal + Custom

No two feet are the same! Let us assess your feet and biomechanics and fit you into a boot that works with you and your feet. Our certified boot fitters will give your feet the personalized attention they need.


BST carries all the major makes and models. Our cutting edge boot lab is the perfect place to explore the options with a certified professional.
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