Yonex Percept 100

Product Details:

Introducing the fastest and most intermediate-friendly member of the Percept family! Named the Percept 100, this racquet is slightly more forgiving  than the 97 square inch models. It also features a thicker, stiffer beam for added stability and easier power. At 11.2 ounces strung and boasting a sub-320 swingweight, the Percept 100 comes around extremely fast, making it great for scrambling on defense, whipping up spin or reacting quickly at net. Notable features include an elongated shaft for enhanced pocketing, flexibility and control, as well as a stiffer racquet face and higher flex point, providing added stability and power. To help with comfort, Yonex adds a Servo Filter, which utilizes a thin elastic layer in the shaft to filter out harsh vibrations. Similar to its predecessor, this racquet’s graphite layup is enhanced by 2G-NAMD Flex Force, a material technology that enables the frame to flex optimally upon impact. Ultimately, with its raw speed, spin-friendly precision and arm-friendly comfort, the Percept 100 is a great option for those looking for  a user-friendly player’s racquet that can hit every shot in the book.