Head Gravity Team

Product Details:

For 2023, Head updates the most powerful and comfortable member of the Gravity family while keeping the quick handling and spin-friendly targeting of the previous generation. Named the Gravity Team, this racquet’s 104 square inch head is undeniably plush and forgiving without compromising control. As a result, it’s perfect for improving players who want accuracy but could use a  slightly larger margin of error. It also packs enough speed and stability at net for those who want a comfortable and user-friendly option for doubles. As with other members of the Gravity family, this racquet’s teardrop head is wider near the tip, resulting in a noticeably more responsive, comfortable and spin-friendly contact zone. For 2023, Head adds Auxetic Technology to the throat piece, enabling the racquet to flex optimally according to impact location. This racquet also benefits from Graphene 360+ which combines the stability and easy power of polarized weighting with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a softer feel. With incremental tweaks to the feel, the Gravity Team continues to be an obvious option for those who want a light and user-friendly entry point into the unmistakable comfort and controllable power of the Gravity series.

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