Head Extreme Tour

Product Details:

Introducing the Extreme Tour 2022! With this update, Head delivers a uniquely fast and spin-friendly weapon to intermediate and advanced players. Featuring the smallest head size in the Extreme family (98in²), this model packs a tad more control than the Extreme MP. Although too underpowered for those who require the mass-based pop of a traditional player’s racquet the Tour is perfect for those who crave easy acceleration from the baseline and lightning quick reactions at net. For 2022 the product team at Head adds an Auxetic construction to the yoke which optimizes the feel and response according to impact force. Additional technologies include Spin Grommets which enable greater string movement for enhanced snapback. Like the previous generations, this racquet benefits from Graphene 360+, giving it extra stability and power.  Ultimately, this is a great option for aggressive players looking for a speedy and spin-friendly weapon.

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