Dunlop CX 200

Product Details:

Dunlop updates the CX 200 with a softer feel while keeping the user-friendly speed and spin-friendly precision of the previous generation. With its 21.5mm box beam and 64RA stiffness the CX 200 offers better feedback and control than a typical modern player’s racquet, but it still packs enough speed, spin and pop for the modern game. For 2021, Dunlop adds FlexBooster technology, a thin rubber material in the shaft that absorbs harsh vibrations without compromising your connection to the ball. As with the previous generation, this racquet’s upper hoop is softened with Sonic Core, a material technology that uses Infinergy to minimize shock and transfer greater energy to the ball. This stick also features a PowerGrid StringTech system, which optimizes string spacing to create a more comfortable, spin-friendly and responsive hitting experience.

On groundstrokes this racquet’s 98 square inch head makes it more forgiving and powerful than both CX 200 Tours, but it still manages to deliver phenomenal control. In addition to its user-friendly speed and impressive spin-potential, this racquet delivers a more arm-friendly feel than many of its competitors. At net and on service returns the CX 200 offers quick handling, making it easy to achieve effective contact with the ball. Ultimately, by combining the traditional virtues of control and feel with some modern speed and spin, the CX 200 is an obvious choice for the player who wants the best of both worlds.

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