Dunlop Fx 500 LS

Product Details:

Intermediate players looking to play aggressive tennis will love this update to the FX 500 LS. At 10.6 ounces strung, this racquet comes around much faster than the FX 500, making it easier for improving players to load the ball with pace and spin. For 2023 the FX 500 LS gets a more flexible beam, giving it a softer, more arm-friendly response than the previous generation. Dunlop has also tweaked the grommet system to help the string bed return greater energy to the ball (think power). As with the previous generation, the FX 500 LS benefits from Sonic Core w/Infinergy, which is added to the upper hoop to soften the feel of impact. Additional features include a Power Boost Frame Geometry which combines a speedy aerodynamic profile with a wider throat for stability. Ultimately, with the 2023 FX 500 LS, Dunlop has given rising intermediate players a speedy point & shoot weapon. The softer, more arm-friendly feel is a nice bonus.  

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