Head Gravity MP

Product Details:

Head adds another chapter to the Gravity MP! Like the previous generation, this 2023 update combines a speedy 11 ounce strung weight with a 16×20 string pattern and 100 square inch head (think controllable power). Compared to conventional oval shaped racquets, the Gravity’s teardrop shape gives it a more generous hitting zone toward the tip of the racquet – the upshot is a more forgiving, powerful and spin-friendly hitting experience. Although not quite as stable as the Gravity Pro, the MP not only feels feels solid for its weight class but it also delivers the kind of quick handling that aggressive all-court players crave. For 2023, the Gravity gets a slightly more flexible beam, giving it better ball feedback and increased pocketing for greater command over the ball. Head also adds Auxetic Technology to the throat piece, enabling the racquet to flex optimally according to impact location. This racquet also benefits from Graphene 360+ which combines the stability and easy power of polarized weighting with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a softer feel. With incremental tweaks to the feel, the Gravity MP continues to be a great option for the player who wants a speedy modern player’s racquet with controllable power and best-of-class comfort. 

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