Dunlop Sx300

Product Details:

With this impressive update to the SX 300, Dunlop doubles down on spin! Boasting a speedy sub-325 swingweight along with wider string spacing, this stick not only delivers a higher launch angle and easier access to depth, it’s also perfect for hitting powerful, spin-loaded balls that drop hard and explode off the court. Along with its new mold and more stable beam construction, the SX 300 gets updated with Spin Boost + Grommets, which are not only shaped to help the strings grip and rotate the ball but also positioned strategically to optimize spin across a wider range of impact locations. Additional technologies include Sonic Core Infinergy, an ultra elastic material that adds comfort and power near the racquet’s tip, the natural contact point for advanced ball strikers. Ultimately, the SX 300 is simply a great option for aggressive players, especially if they want a speedy spin machine with enough power to end points with a bang.

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