Dunlop Sx600

Product Details:

Introducing the second generation of the SX 600! Like the original version, this 2022 update gives beginner and intermediate players the tools to hit with power and spin. The SX 600 is also a good option for the savvy doubles player who wants a user-friendly serve and volley racquet. With its generous 105 square inch head, the SX 600 gives you a nice margin of error, ensuring that performance remains high even when contact is less than perfect. For 2022, Dunlop has not only given this racquet a more open string pattern (for easier depth and spin), it has also added a more flexible beam construction, making this one of the most arm-friendly racquets in its class. The SX 600 also gets updated with Spin Boost + Grommets, which are not only shaped to help the strings grip and rotate the ball but also positioned strategically to optimize spin on off-center impact. Additional technologies include Sonic Core Infinergy an elastic material that reduces the shock of ball impact. Ultimately, the SX 600 not only delivers a user-friendly combination of speed, spin and power, it’s also a great option for those who want the undeniable benefits of a slightly larger head size. 

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