Wilson Ultra 108

Product Details:

Introducing the Ultra 108 v4, the most powerful member of the Ultra family. With its forgiving 108 square inch head, this racquet not only packs impressive comfort but it also makes it easier for you to  achieve clean contact with the ball (think confidence). Other features include an extended length (27.25″), resulting in extra power on serves and groundies. Thanks to an open 16×18 string pattern, the Ultra 108 is also no slough in the spin department. For 2022 Wilson adds its uniquely flexible FORTYFIVE weave to the carbon fiber layup, resulting in a welcomed boost in comfort while also preserving the crisp and powerful response for which the Ultra family is known. Wilson has also reengineered the beam in multiple locations, including a thinner shaft for speed. Ultimately, the Ultra 108 v8 is idea for those who want a fast and powerful racquet. The impressive comfort is a nice bonus.

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