Babolat Pure Strike 97

Product Details:

Babolat added another chapter to the Pure Strike 97 (formerly called the Pure Strike VS). Boasting the thinnest beam and most compact head in the Pure Strike family, this racquet delivers mindless accuracy on full cuts. It also moves extremely fast for its weight, making it great for whipping up spin, hitting shots on the run or reacting quickly at net. Compared to the previous generation, this update offers better pocketing along with a more plush feel off-center, especially in the upper hoop where the previous gen was a tad brassy. The Pure Strike 97 also comes with FSI Control technology, which tightens the string spacing for an even more precise and predictable trajectory. To help with comfort, Babolat adds NF² Tech which uses flax inserts in the shaft to help dampen harsh impact vibrations. Like the previous generation, this frame benefits from Control Frame Technology, which blends square and elliptical cross sections to deliver a stable hitting experience with excellent ball feedback. Ultimately, this racquet continues to be an obvious option for experienced players who want a speedy modern player’s racquet with surgical targeting and great feel. The fact that it’s even more comfortable than its predecessor is a nice bonus.

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