Dunlop CX 400

Product Details:

Dunlop adds another chapter to the CX 400! Like the previous generation, this 10.7 ounce racquet provides intermediate players with a crisp, lively and spin-friendly hitting experience. For 2021, Dunlop adds FlexBooster technology, a thin rubber material in the shaft that absorbs harsh vibrations without compromising your connection to the ball. As with the previous generation, this racquet’s upper hoop is softened with Sonic Core, a material technology that uses Infinergy to minimize shock and transfer greater energy to the ball. This stick also features a PowerGrid StringTech system, which optimizes string spacing to create a more comfortable, spin-friendly and responsive hitting experience.
On groundstrokes, this racquet is fast enough for hitting shots on the run, but it also has impressive stability and plow-through for a sub 11 ounce racquet. Power and depth come easy, and there is more than enough spin-potential to bring the ball down sharply. At net the CX 400 feels solid on block volleys, and there is plenty of power for finishing points. This racquet also shines on serve where the combination of power, spin and precision will give you the ability to force weak replies. Ultimately, this update to the CX 400 is a great option for intermediate players. The fact that it will help you hit with power and spin is a nice bonus.




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