Why should I
tune my skis

Why should I
tune my skis

What’s up skiers and riders? Winter is upon us here in the greater Boston area and mountains are opening up all over New England. Tuning your ski and snowboard equipment is the equivalent of an oil change in your car (sometimes people put it off for much longer then they should.) Whether your skis are entering their second or tenth season, a little bit of love will go a long way. Before you gear up and hit the hill, here are some things to look for.


Rusty Edges


Most tunes will take care of rust on the metal edges of your skis. This rust often accumulates during a long off-season in a damp location (like a basement). Generally, if your edges are pretty bad, you may want to pay a little extra at the shop to get them into shape. Rust will create unwanted friction on your ride and will greatly increase the need to replace your equipment sooner then you anticipated. Also, consider tuning your skis at the end of your season and storing them in a dry, indoor environment for the off-season to avoid rust all together!


Base Burn


When looking at the base of your skis you may see white or light grey streaks towards the outside edges of the base. This is commonly known as “base burn” in the ski industry and it occurs in the absence of wax on the bottom of the skis. There are two types of bases used in ski construction; sintered and extruded bases. A sintered base is much more porous then an extruded base and will accept wax much more easily. Most high-end boards and skis will come standard with a sintered base and entry-level equipment with an extruded base. Think of wax as the oil in your car. Your skis will perform better with sharp edges and fresh wax.


Core Shots


For the hard core shredders out there, nothing will harsh your mellow and lower your stoke faster than a deep long core shot. Fear not. With the help of a little P-Tex, skilled shop tech, and stone grind tuning machine, you’ll be back choking on deep pow in no time. A stone tune on your equipment will give you sharp edges, fresh wax, and a base texture that makes your skis look like new!

Get your gear set for the season and get in early! Nothing is more frustrating than needing your skis the next day and being told they can’t be finished in time. Sunday River opened yesterday, Killington is open today, and winter is coming fast this year so make sure you’re ready and don’t miss a day. See you all at the mountains!!!


Next week: Exercises to become a ski god

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