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    Are you a seasoned pro, weekend warrior, or just looking to start playing? No worries, we have you covered. Boston Ski + Tennis has the expert staff and product variety to allow you to find a tennis racquet, shoes, or accessories that are just right for you.

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    Did you know we carry the largest selection of tennis racquets, sneakers, and apparel in Massachusetts? Not only is our selection the largest, but our experts will help to outfit you with the racquet and apparel that will help you play at your finest. So, if you're searching for a tennis store in the Boston or MetroWest areas, head to one of our locations in Westborough or Newton!

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    Our wide selection of tennis equipment includes product from manufacturers like Babolat, Wilson, Head, Prince, Adidas, Fila, and many others. With a goal of providing the best available products for our customers, we make it our priority to stock the most technologically advanced products for a variety of skill levels and budgets. We also carry Prince, Wilson, and Head squash racquets and accessories.

  • Tennis Racquet Demos Program

  • $30Account
    • $30 to open an account
    • 3 weeks of total rental time
    • 2 racquets may be taken at one time
    • 7 day maximum check out time per racquet
    • $30 credit when racquet is purchased

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Available String Options

Stringing Service Charge ($25)

Price listed below for string only


VS Touch Natural Gut: $46.99

Xcel: $17.99

RPM Blast/ RPM Dual / RPM Team: $17.99

N.VY / Hurricane Feel / Pro Hurricane / Pro Hurricane Tour: $13.99


Live Wire XP: $17.99

TNT / Moto / RZR RX: $13.99


NXT: $17.99

Sensation: $13.99



HDX Tour: $19.99
NRG2: $16.99
X-One Biphase: $17.99
Pro Red Code: $10.99


Big Banger: $17.99

4G: $17.99

Element: $17.99



Hawk / Reflex /: $17.99

FXP Tour / Sonic: $13.99

Syn Gut PPS: $7.99



Vanquish / X-Natural: $17.99

Tour Bite/ Tour Bite Soft: $14.99



Racquet Seem Out Of Whack?

Racquet Diagnosis


The Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Centre was designed to provide a quick and simple evaluation of the characteristics of any tennis racquet, with or without strings.


In two minutes, you can make precise measurements of frame rigidity, racquet head rigidity, dynamic string tension, balance point of the frame, dynamic inertia of the racquet (the swing) as well as the racquet weight.


Precise diagnosis of the racquet’s playing characteristics power, control and handling. In addition, you can assess the condition of the strings of the frame.


  • Find Out The String Bed Flexibility You Like Best
  • Have The Ability To Recreate Favorable Racquet Conditions
  • Know When To Restring Your Racquet

Custom Insoles

Boston Ski + Tennis has just become the only retailer in America to bring ski boot fitting technology to the tennis world. Our Masterfit certified staff will mold you a one of a kind insole to the replace the generic factory insole in your shoe. The benefits are unbelievable. You’ll never wear factory made insoles again.

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Featured Products

We have over 500 racquets in stock ranging in price from $59.99 to $259.99. Before selecting a racquet, we will ask you several questions to help determine which racquet is best for you. Do you hit the ball with topspin? Flat? Are you a baseline player or do you love playing doubles? Knowing these answers will help us get you into the correct racquet. We have a racquet for all ages and abilities.