Seasonal Ski Lease

Seasonal Ski Lease

Is a Season Ski Rental Right For You?

Renting ski equipment is an excellent option for a variety of skiers. Maybe you’re an adult trying out skiing for the first time or don’t ski often enough to personally justify buying a full set up. Perhaps you’re a family with a few kids and can’t buy equipment fast enough to keep up with their growth. Renting can be the answer for you. However, driving to the mountain and then wasting precious time on the slopes to be fitted at the mountain rental center is inconvenient and unreliable. The prices are also typically inflated because the resorts know once you’ve gotten to the mountain you don’t have the luxury of looking for competitive prices.


This is where seasonal leases solve all of your problems. For years, Boston Ski & Tennis has been offering seasonal leases for ski and snowboard equipment at affordable prices to make the rental experience less stressful and more cost effective for our customers. Simply come into one of our stores, get checked in with a member of our team, go through the fitting process and then shop around while you wait for your equipment to be properly adjusted and tested by one of our certified ski technicians.

BST starts renting equipment in September and is due back April 15th. Rental prices remain constant throughout the season, and the holiday season can get busy in the stores so make sure to get in as early as possible!


Too busy to make a trip to BST? If you’re located near the Newton location, you can set up an appointment for our Home Ski Service! A member of our team will come to your home in the Boston Ski & Tennis truck and fit you and your family for equipment and prepare it for the upcoming season right in your driveway! If some of the members of your family already own skis, we can even get those ready for the season with a fresh sharpen and wax from our Montana tuning machine, set up right in the back of the truck! Bring expert ski service to you!



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