Wilson Pro Staff 97L V14

Product Details:

Wilson adds another chapter to Pro Staff 97L v14! As with the previous version, this sub 11 ounce racquet brings the seductive feel and precision of the Pro Staff experience to the rising intermediate player. With its zippy sub 315 swingweight, the 97L will not only help you swing faster when loading the ball with pace in spin, it will also help you hit shots on the run and react quicker at net. According to Wilson, this update brings back that classic Pro Staff feel with Paradigm Bending, a layup technology that pairs a flexible shaft (for feel) with a stiffer perimeter around the head (for stability and power). This racquet also has FORTYFIVE technology, which strategically aligns the graphite fibers at a 45 degree angle to increase lateral bending through impact. The payoff is increased dwell time and pocketing for greater command over the ball.  Like the previous generation, this racquet also has String Mapping, which combines denser spacing in the center for control with wider spacing at the margins for greater comfort outside the sweetspot. Ultimately, by putting Pro Staff precision into a lighter package, this stick continues to be an obvious option for improving intermediate players looking to rise to the next level. The updated feel is a nice bonus. 

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