Yonex Percept 97H

Product Details:

Yonex updates one of its most stable player’s racquets with better feel and new name. Called the  Percept 97H, this racquet combines a 12+ ounce strung weight with a flexible 21mm beam and a 97in² head. In addition to giving advanced players outstanding control on full cuts, the Percept 97H packs a beefy 330+ swingweight, making it great for redirecting the pace of a big hitter or driving the ball through the court. It also feels very solid on volleys where you will find enough touch to drop the ball on a dime. Notable features include an elongated shaft to enhance pocketing, flexibility and control, along with a stiffer racquet face for extra stability and power. This racquet also features a Servo Filter which utilizes a thin elastic layer in the shaft to filter out harsh vibrations. Similar to its predecessor, this racquet’s graphite layup is enhanced by 2G-NAMD Flex Force, a material technology that enables the frame to flex optimally upon impact. Ultimately, this update is a must demo for experienced players looking to hit a heavy ball. The outstanding feel is a nice bonus.

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