Head Gravity Pro

Product Details:

Head adds another chapter to the most controlled and stable member of the Gravity family. With its dense 18×20 string pattern and thin 20mm beam, the Gravity Pro 2023 combines a laser-like trajectory with exceptional ball feedback. It also packs a beefy 330+ swingweight, giving it enough mass to redirect the pace of a big hitting opponent or drive the ball powerfully through the court. As with other members of the Gravity family this racquet’s teardrop head is wider near the tip, resulting in a noticeably more responsive, comfortable and spin-friendly contact zone. For 2023, Head adds Auxetic Technology to the throat piece, enabling the racquet to flex optimally according to impact location. This racquet also benefits from Graphene 360+ which combines the stability and easy power of polarized weighting with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a softer feel. Ultimately, with some nice tweaks to the feel the Gravity Pro combines the undeniable precision of a traditional string pattern with best of class comfortThe fact that this update feels more solid at impact is a nice bonus. 

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