Wilson Ultra 100L

Product Details:

The Ultra 100L v4 takes the spin and power of the standard Ultra 100 and puts it into a lighter, faster package. As a result it is perfect for the rising intermediate player, especially if they want a user-friendly tool for loading the ball with pace and spin. For 2022 Wilson adds its uniquely flexible FORTYFIVE weave to the carbon fiber layup. This technology not only helps the racquet bend vertically (which compliments modern topspin mechanics), but it also provides a welcomed boost in pocketing and comfort. Other updates include a reengineered beam, including the addition of a thinner shaft for speed.  All in all, this update not only preserves the explosive speed and easy power of the previous version, but it also adds a more arm-friendly feel. Intermediate players looking for a powerful and spin-friendly weapon should give this racquet a serious look.