Head Boom Team L

Product Details:

Head adds another chapter to the Boom Team L! Ideal for beginners and early intermediate players, this racquet is the lightest and most forgiving member of the Boom family. Boasting an ultra comfortable 107 square inch head, the Boom Team L 2024 Mint keeps performance high even when contact is less than perfect. Thanks to an extended 27.4″ length, you’ll find dangerous levels of power on serves. Even more impressive is this racquet’s raw speed, which not only makes it easier to load the ball with pace but translates into quicker reactions at net. For 2024, Head softens the beam to deliver a more arm-friendly ride while also adding Auxetic 2, a uniquely flexible material in the yoke and handle to optimize the response. Other technologies include a Morph Beam, which blends box and angular cross sections to combine classic control and feel with impressive stability and power. The Boom Team L Mint also features Graphene 360+ (labeled Graphene Inside), which strengthens the frame in key locations to provide a more powerful and stable hitting experience. Ultimately, this update is perfect for those who crave maneuverability, power and comfort.

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