Wilson Ultra 100

Product Details:

Introducing the Wilson Ultra 100 v4! Like previous generations, this modern player’s racquet specializes in speed, spin and power. At 11.2 ounces strung and boasting a sub-320 swingweight, the Ultra 100 v4 is not only ideal for intermediate players but it should also tempt the advanced ball striker who craves explosive acceleration. For 2022 Wilson adds its uniquely flexible FORTYFIVE weave to the carbon fiber layup. This not only helps the racquet bend vertically (which compliments modern topspin mechanics), but it also provides a welcomed boost in pocketing and comfort. Other updates include a re-engineered beam, including a thinner shaft for speed. Ultimately, with some nice tweaks to the feel and response, this is an impressive update to the Ultra franchise. Aggressive players looking for a powerful modern player’s racquet with easy access to spin should add this to their demo list.

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