Wilson Clash 98

Product Details:

Wilson adds another chapter to the Clash 98 v2! Featuring the smallest head size in the Clash family, this stick delivers pinpoint targeting on full cuts. It also packs a 325+ swingweight, which provides the needed mass to get the ball moving through the court. In addition to updating this racquet with a 16×20 string pattern, Wilson reinforces the upper hoop to create a more solid and responsive hitting surface. As with the first generation of Clash racquets, the 98 v2 is defined by Wilson’s innovative frame technology, originally called FreeFlex. Renamed FORTYFIVE, this patented frame technology enables the racquet to bend (and soften impact) across a wider geometry of stoke paths. The payoff is greater comfort when addressing the ball at extreme angles, a fact that makes the Clash very appealing to topspin players in search of a more tendon friendly option. Recommended to strong intermediates and advanced players.

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