Yonex Percept 97

Product Details:

Defined by raw speed and spin-friendly targeting, the Percept 97 is perfect for those who want a user-friendly player’s racquet with great feel. Boasting a zippy sub-320 swingweight, this stick delivers easy spin from the backcourt and swift reactions at the net. In addition to its buttery flex point, the Percept also packs a surgical 97in² head, resulting in the kind of control that inspires confidence on full cuts. Notable features include an elongated shaft to enhance pocketing, flexibility and control, along with a stiffer racquet face for extra stability and power. To help with comfort, Yonex adds a Servo Filter which utilizes a thin elastic layer in the shaft to filter out harsh vibrations. Similar to its predecessor, this racquet’s graphite layup is enhanced by 2G-NAMD Flex Force, a material technology that enables the frame to flex optimally upon impact. Ultimately, the Percept 97, with its seductive combination of speed, spin and feel, is a great option for those who want a light and spin-friendly player’s racquet with impressive control and feel. 

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