Head Prestige Pro

Product Details:

Head makes big changes to the iconic Prestige MP, starting with the name. This update is called the Prestige Pro, and it packs the same surgical 18×20 string pattern and sublime feel that has long defined this classic racquet. It also combines a near 12 ounce strung weight with a sub-330 swingweight, giving it a seductive blend of speed and stability. According to our playtesters, this update captures the outstanding ball feedback and precision of previous generations, but offers slightly easier access to depth, making it a tad more user-friendly. In addition to changing the name, Head updates the feel by adding a uniquely flexible Auxetic construction to the racquet’s yoke. The result, according to Head, is a racquet that optimizes feedback according to impact location. The Prestige Pro also benefits from Graphene 360+ (labeled Graphene Inside), which strengthens the frame in key locations to provide a more powerful and stable hitting experience. Ultimately, with its laser-like targeting and plush feel, this update checks all the right boxes. Experienced players looking for a traditional player’s racquet will appreciate how easy this one plays right out of the box. 

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