Wilson Clash 100 Pro

Product Details:

Introducing the Clash 100 Pro v2! Like the previous generation, the 100 Pro v2 is a uniquely arm-friendly modern player’s racquet. It also swings heavier than the standard Clash 100, making it better at redirecting higher levels of pace or driving the ball through the court. That said, aggressive all-court players will find more than enough speed for whipping up spin or reacting quickly at net. For 2022 Wilson updates the string pattern to a 16×20 (for a slightly truer trajectory). They’ve also reinforced the upper hoop to raise the sweetspot and create a more solid and responsive hitting surface. In hopes of creating a truer exit trajectory, Wilson has also updated the string pattern from 16×19 to 16×20. As with the first generation of Clash racquets, this stick is defined by Wilson’s innovative frame technology (originally called FreeFlex). Renamed FORTYFIVE for 2022, this patented frame technology enables the racquet to bend (and soften impact) across a wider geometry of stoke paths. The payoff is greater comfort when addressing the ball at more extreme angles (think topspin). Although some players may find the feedback too muted, the Clash 100 Pro v2 will find plenty of support amongst those who want a softer hitting experience.

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