Head Boom Team

Product Details:

Rising intermediate players looking for an arm-friendly racquet with easy targeting should give the Boom Team 2024 a very serious look. Like the previous generation, this racquet packs a 102in² head, making it a tad more forgiving and powerful than the Boom MP while also delivering enough spin potential to bring the ball down hard. For 2024, Head softens the beam to deliver a more arm-friendly ride while also adding Auxetic 2, a uniquely flexible material in the yoke and handle to optimize the response. Other technologies include a Morph Beam, which blends box and angular cross sections to combine classic control and feel with impressive stability and power. The Boom Team also features Graphene 360+ (labeled Graphene Inside), which strengthens the frame in key locations to provide a more powerful and stable hitting experience. Ultimately, with its easy power and spin-friendly targeting, the Boom Team 2024 remains a great option for intermediate players. The arm-friendly comfort is a nice bonus.

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