Wilson Clash 108

Product Details:

Introducing the Clash 108 v2! With this racquet, Wilson puts its uniquely flexible formula into a larger, more forgiving head size. This racquet also sports a slightly extended length (27.25″) giving it extra pop on groundies and serves. At 10.4 ounces strung, the Clash 108 v2 is ideal for the intermediate player or savvy doubles specialist who wants a speedy racquet that serves big and feels stable on volleys.  The Clash 108 should also work for the the dedicated beginner who wants a racquet that will reward improvement. This racquet’s outstanding feel is achieved partly through a technology called FORTYFIVE  an innovative frame technology that not only enables the racquet to bend optimally across different strokes styles, but also softens impact without compromising the crisp and connected feel that is so crucial to control. Ultimately, the Clash 108 v2 is a great option for the player who wants an oversize racquet with outstanding feel. The fact that it has a higher level of control than many of its competitors is a nice bonus.

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