Wilson Shift Pro

Product Details:

Introducing the Shift Pro! With this racquet Wilson releases the official cosmetic version of the Wilson Labs Project Shift 99 315, a prototype released in February of 2023. Featuring a 99 square inch head and a surgical 18×20 string pattern, the Shift 99 Pro packs enough weight to comfortably redirect higher levels of pace while also offering plenty of pop to those who can leverage its mass. Despite having a tight pattern, the Shift Pro has impressive spin-potential, making it easier to control shot trajectory from the baseline and at net. As with the lighter Shift 99, this racquet’s graphite fibers have been engineered to help the frame bend in ways that compliment the explosive mechanics of the modern game. Ultimately, the Shift 99 Pro not only delivers a comfortable feel with great ball feedback, it also packs enough precision and power to keep your opponent in check.

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