Head Speed MP

Product Details:

For 2024, Head updates the Speed MP with Auxetic 2 while also keeping the impressive comfort and responsiveness of previous generations. Compared to the Speed Pro, the Speed MP 2024 not only offers easier access to spin, but it also has a slightly higher launch angle for easier access to depth. With its 325+ swingweight, the Speed MP feels rock solid on groundies and volleys, and it rewards full cuts with enough power to close out points. For 2024, in addition to a slightly more flexible and arm-friendly stiffness rating, Head adds Auxetic 2 to the layup, a uniquely flexible material in the yoke and handle to optimize the feel and response. The Speed MP also benefits from Graphene 360+ (labeled Graphene Inside), which strengthens the frame in key locations to provide a more powerful and stable hitting experience. Ultimately, with subtle updates to the feel for 2024, the Speed MP continues to be a great option for intermediate and advanced players who want controllable power and great feel.

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