Head Extreme Team Lite

Product Details:

Introducing the Head Extreme Team L! This model replaces the Graphene 360+ Extreme Lite. Featuring a 105in² head, the Extreme Team L boasts the largest head size in the Extreme family. As such, it not only offers a larger margin of error, but it also packs easier access to power along with higher comfort, making it perfect for beginners or any player who could use a more user-friendly hitting experience. Signature technologies include an Auxetic construction in the yoke, which calibrates ball feedback to impact force. This racquet also features Graphene 360+ for enhanced stability, power and feel. Addition technologies include Spin Grommets which enable greater string movement for enhanced snapback and more vicious ball rotation (Spin). Ultimately, this update checks all the right boxes. In addition to offering better feel than the majority of its competitors, this racquet is a great entry point for improving players looking to harness the spin and power of the Extreme series.

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