Babolat Pure Aero Lite

Product Details:

Updated with a softer feel and wider string spacing for 2023, the Pure Aero Lite is the perfect racquet for dedicated beginners and early intermediate players. As the lightest member in the Pure Aero family, this racquet makes it easier for improving players to generate power and spin. For 2023, Babolat updates the feel with NF² Technology which includes flax inserts in the handle for a softer feel at impact. Comfort is further enhanced by SWX Pure Feel at 3/9 o’clock in the racquet’s head.  This racquet also benefits from FSI Spin Technology, which features wider spacing between the crosses for a tighter grip on the ball. With some impressive updates to the feel and string bed, the Pure Aero Light continues to be an obvious option for improving players who are looking to rise to next level.

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