Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Origin

Product Details:

Introducing the Pure Aero Rafa Origin, the racquet with the closest specifications to Rafa’s customized racquet. Unlike the standard Pure Aero, the Rafa Origin doesn’t put any dampening technology between player and ball, giving it the kind of direct ball feedback that advanced players crave. Additional features include Babolat’s iconic Aeromodular beam and Woofer grommet system. This racquet also comes with a firm 69+RA, providing a crisp, powerful and stable response that has attracted generations of players. What defines the Rafa Origin, however, is its 365+ RDC swingweight, making it very challenging to swing but giving it the needed heft to absorb and redirect the highest levels of pace. The high swingweight offers massive plow through power which is perfect for hitting punishing groundstrokes and serves. The flip side is that ripping heavy spin-loaded angles like Rafa takes additional care with both timing and technique. Those who can leverage this racquet’s mass will find dangerous levels of pace from the baseline and rock solid stability at net.

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