Babolat Pure Aero Rafa

Product Details:

Introducing the Pure Aero Rafa, the lighter, faster companion to the Rafa Origin. At under 11 ounces strung, this stick makes it easy for intermediate players to load the ball with pace and spin. Like the heavier model endorsed by Nadal, the Pure Aero Rafa does not put a lot of technology between player and ball, resulting in a more “connected feel” at impact (think control). From the baseline, this stick is not only fast enough for whipping up spin or resetting the point with an outstretched flick, it also gives you the advantage of a near-even balance, which helps keep the racquet more stable (and comfortable) through impact. The user-friendly combination of speed and stability continues at net where the Pure Aero Rafa comes around fast to deliver a wonderfully solid feel for its weight class. In addition to Babolat’s iconic Aeromodular Beam and Woofer Grommet system, this racquet comes with FSI Spin Technology, which features wider cross spacing for a tighter grip on the ball. Ultimately, the Pure Aero Rafa is not only perfect for the intermediate player looking to go on offense, it should also tempt the more advanced ball striker looking for a lighter spec with fewer tradeoffs in the stability department.

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