Yonex Vcore 95

Product Details:

Yonex adds another chapter to the VCORE 95! Like the previous generation this stick rewards seasoned ball strikers with an extremely precise ball. Although not as heavy as a traditional player’s racquet, the VCORE 95 feels remarkably solid for its speedy sub-325 swingweight. For 2023 Yonex overhauls the ISOMETRIC head shape by creating an even roomier, more luxurious hitting zone in the upper hoop. The payoff is a more forgiving and stable hitting experience, with an expanded spin window and juicier levels of power. Yonex has also recontoured the VCORE shaft and made slight tweaks to the beam throughout the frame. Other new features include SIF Grommets, which deploy a silicone oil infusion to reduce the friction between string and grommet. The upshot is greater string movement for increased snapback (think spin). In addition to lowering the RA-stiffness for better ball feedback, this update continues with 2-NAMD FlexForce Graphite in the upper shaft and lower hoop, enabling the racquet to deflect and snapback effectively through impact. Experienced players looking for the undeniable precision of a compact head will love how fast and easy this one plays. The lower beam stiffness is a nice bonus.

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