Wilson Pro Staff X V14

Product Details:

Introducing the Pro Staff X v14! With this racquet, Wilson puts its legendary Pro Staff formula into a slightly more user-friendly head size. Compared to the Pro Staff 97, it features a more forgiving response along with a lower swingweight for easier handling. In addition to being a good option for intermediates, this 11.7 ounce stick packs enough mass and stability for advanced ball strikers. Technologies include Paradigm Bending, a layup technology that optimizes the flex between hoop and shaft to deliver that classic Pro Staff feel. This racquet also has FORTYFIVE technology, which strategically aligns the graphite fibers at a 45 degree angle to increase lateral bending through impact. The payoff is increased dwell time and pocketing for greater command over the ball.  Additional features include String Mapping, which combines denser spacing in the center for control with wider spacing at the margins for greater off-center comfort. Ultimately, by putting classic Pro Staff precision into a slightly larger head size, this new addition to Wilson’s most storied racquet family checks all the right boxes. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a speedy player’s racquet with controllable power and great feel will love this one. 

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