Babolat Pure Strike 98 16×19

Product Details:

Babolat adds another chapter to the Pure Strike 98 16×19! Like previous generations, this update is made for players who want a control-oriented racquet that has enough pop to finish points. It also has more spin potential than its 18×20 counterpart, making it easier to execute the full range of angles and trajectories. Other specs include a 330 swingweight, which not only keeps the racquet stable against higher levels of pace but also translates into impressive power on full cuts. For this update, Babolat adds FSI Control technology, which features tighter string spacing for an even more precise and predictable trajectory. To help with comfort, Babolat updates this racquet with NF2-Tech (flax fibers) in the shaft while keeping the head free of dampening agents to provide more direct ball feedback. As with previous generations, this frame benefits from Control Frame Technology, which blends square and elliptical cross sections to enhance stability and ball feedback. Ultimately, with subtle updates to the feel, the Pure Strike 98 16×19 remains a great option for experienced players looking for a stable racquet with controllable power and great feel.

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