Babolat Pure Strike 100

Product Details:

Babolat adds another chapter to the Pure Strike 100! With its 100 square inch head, this stick delivers a more forgiving and powerful response than the 98 16×19 but it still gives aggressive players the needed control to select ambitious targets. With its sub 325 swingweight, the Pure Strike 100 swings easy, and it packs more than enough spin potential to bring the ball down sharply. For this update, Babolat doubles down on control and feel by adding both a more flexible beam along with FSI Control technology, which features tighter string spacing for an even more precise and predictable trajectory. To maximize vibration dampening and comfort, Babolat combines NF2-Tech (flax fibers) in the shaft with SWX Pure Feel (viscoelastic rubber) in the mid-section of the head. This racquet also benefits from Control Frame Technology, which blends square and elliptical cross sections to deliver a stable hitting experience with excellent ball feedback. Ultimately, with subtle updates to the feel and response, the Pure Strike 100 remains a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for a speedy modern player’s racquet with controllable power and great feel.

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