Babolat Pure Drive 107

Product Details:

With this racquet, Babolat takes the legendary power and spin of the Pure Drive franchise and puts it into a more comfortable and forgiving head size. It’s called the Pure Drive 107 and it is perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Updated with Babolat’s new HTR System, the graphite layup has been re-engineered for higher torsional rigidity, resulting in more efficient energy transfer to the ball. To help soak up the harsher vibrations of this racquet’s stiff construction, Babolat has devoted more real estate in the Pure Drive’s shaft to SWX Pure Feel, a thin and extremely flexible viscoelastic rubber that sits between the carbon layers. Additional features include FSI Power Technology, which optimizes the grommet system and string spacing for higher energy return and vicious RPMs (think heavy ball).
From the baseline, the Pure Drive 107 offers a comfortably crisp response. With its generous hitting area, this stick is more comfortable and forgiving than the standard Pure Drive. In addition to its explosive acceleration and easy power, this racquet’s spin-potential delivers impressive command over the ball. At net the Pure Drive 107 comes around with lightning speed to deliver above average stability for its weight class. Block volleys feel solid, and there is no struggle required to execute deep, piercing replies. This stick also shines on serve where the slightly extended length (27.2″) delivers easier power than a standard length racquet. Ultimately, with some incremental tweak to the feel, the Pure Drive 107 continues to be a great option for the player who wants the undeniable advantages that come from a larger, more user-friendly head size.
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