Playing Doubles

Playing Doubles

Pro Trip: Playing Doubles

With tennis tournaments in full swing, we see a lot of highlights for singles, but what about doubles?  If you watch doubles play, there are three key things to keep in mind. Here are our top three tips when playing doubles on the court:

Tip #1: Control the middle of the court

There might be times where this is hard, but by controlling the middle of the court, you will cause your opponents to go for low-percentage shots when trying to pass you. During the heat of a match, you or your opponent might become fearful of getting passed with a shot down the alley. However, more often than not, by you and your partner controlling the middle of the court, you will cause your opponents to hit unforced errors when they attempt to pass you down the line. The old doubles adage, “Down the middle solves the riddle,” only works if there is a middle area to hit through!


Tip #2: Think high percentage

If you primarily have a singles background, you might typically consider yourself as a shot-maker. Plus, when you play singles, you probably attempt to hit near the lines more often than not. We have learned that high percentage shots, and getting as close to the net as possible is the key to being successful in doubles.

For example, if you are in a situation where you are at the baseline, and both of the opponents are at the net, instead of trying to hit the low-percentage passing shot down the alley, consider aiming for more high percentage shots. Being that the other team is already at an advantage with both players at the net, a smarter shot would be to hit a topspin dipper down the middle between the two opponents with hopes of them hitting a volley that will allow you to hit a winner on the next shot.

The key is to not try to force a winner when you are in a defensive position (the baseline).


Tip #3: Be positive and have a short-term memory

When transitioning from singles to doubles, it is even more important to stay positive in a team dynamic or partnership. Out of the three tips being touched on today, this is one that should come most naturally. Attitude is reflected in your performance on the court, if your teammates aren’t positively influenced by you, then it makes it nearly impossible to be successful. Good communication and trust in your partner is what keeps a positive team dynamic, and ultimately gives you a better chance of winning.



Now it’s time to take these tips and put them on the court! If you are looking for additional help with taking your game to the next level, including upgrading your apparel and equipment, stop in to one of our locations and let our tennis experts help you today!



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