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Over the past decade boot design and manufacturing have changed tremendously to make everyone’s experience on the hill much more enjoyable. Our Masterfit Bootfitters are here to tell the story – and available for custom fittings today!


Plastics have been developed to be lighter, warmer and stronger than ever before. Companies have also taken into consideration the biggest struggles retailers have had to make boots fit properly. This has included making multiple different width boots to fit any shape of foot, and including specific “trouble” areas that have a little bit more room than before.





Contour 4 Technology from Diabello fit a wide variety of feet shapes. ‘4” pre-formed “contours” in the bootshell provide additional space for protruding ankle bones, navicular bones, and metatarsal bones. The out-of-the-box fit is close, precise, and comfortable with minimal need for custom fitting boot-shell modifications.



Liners have also become lighter and warmer. Different density foams, different styles of foam, and new zones that have special workable areas are another key to making new boots much better than ever before. On top of the new fit features, boots are also including a hike feature that comes in extremely handy hiking over to Mittersill at Cannon Mountain, hiking some ridges out west, or walking around the lodge with all the kids at lunch time. Different absorption areas make the boots more comfortable upon harder landings, whether you’re in the terrain park, or sending some big east coast cliffs!




Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 5.06.10 PM





  1. Navicular bone pocket
  2. Asymmetrically located metatarsal pockets
  3. Asymmetrical toe box with increased height
  4. Achilles tendon groove
  5. Pronounced asymmetrically
  6. Anatomically shaped heel pocket



Some of our favorite boots in the store this year are Nordica’s NRGY series, Tecnica’s Mach 1 CAS, and, Dalbello’s Pantera boots. Of course, without being able to see the customers foot and properly assess your needs, it is hard to dial in the perfect boot for seasons of warm, painless skiing! So please stop in, or schedule a boot fitting appointment to talk to a BST boot fitting expert!



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