Choosing A String

Which String Is Right For Me?



Polyester – Control & Durability


These strings are made of polyester and are best suited for players who generate their own power. They provide the highest level of control and durability

Luxilon ALU Power


ALU Power offers excellent control and spin. This string offers better than average tension maintenance and is used on tour by many professional players.


  • Extra Durable 
  • Big Swingers

Luxilon 4G


A very playable polyester string that maintains it’s tension very nicely. Firm and durable with solid bite and predictable control.


  • Durable & Playable
  • Big Swingers

Yonex PolyTour Pro


This string offers a blend of spin and precision for big hitters. Great control and durability.


  • Slightly Softer Feel Than Babolat Blast 
  • Ideal For Big Hitters

Head, Hawk 16


A powerful monofilament designed to maximize control. This is great for those spin players who also like a dash of touch on their hits.


  • Big Swingers



Polyester – Control + Spin


These strings are made of polyester and are great for advanced players who are looking for more bite. They often have a rougher exterior coating which aids in spin production. Players with bigger more powerful swings will notice the most difference in these strings:

  • Big hitter looking for more spin
  • Prefer control from their racquet
  • Generate their own power

Dunlop Black Widow


Black Widow offers a geometric sided polyester that allows you to put massive amounts of spin on the ball. It is softer than other sided-polyester strings so it also offers greater power and comfort than others in its class.


  • Softer
  • Spin Seeker
  • Big Swingers

Babolat RPM Blast 16


A very responsive strive designed to give the bigger hitters the best possible spin while enhancing control. Nadal’s favorite string.


  • More advanced players will notice effects more 
  • Big Swingers + Big Spin Players

Gamma OCHO


The first multifilament string construction that features an octagonal shape with 8 sharp edges for maximum ball bite. Ocho is a maximum power, arm friendly string great for all players looking for top spin.


  • Long Fast Strokes 
  • Ideal For Big Hitters

Solinco Tour Bite 16


This newly developed, high-performance and versatile polyester string is designed to generate extreme power and intense spin and bite. It uses innovative, high-powered polyester monofilament fiber designed and shaped to generate maximum power while amplifying the spin and bite intensity of the ball.


  • Long Fast Strokes 
  • Ideal For Big Hitters

Luxilon Element 16


Slightly softer and more flexible than other Luxilon polys. This is a great option for the player who wants spin, precision and durability minus the firm feedback found in traditional polyesters.

– All Around Control
– Great Feel


  • Extra Durable 
  • Big Swingers
  • Spin Seeker



Polyester – Control + Feel


These strings have a perfect blend of comfort, power, control and feel. The intermediate or recreational club player will enjoy the all around ratings.



Multifilament – Soft + Playable


These strings are perfect for players looking for an extremely user-friendly experience. The maneuverability will allow a player to experiment with a range of styles, satisfying everyone from baseliners to players covering the entire court. Try these out if you are:

  • Proficient tennis player
  • Utilize a range of playing styles
  • Want a versatile racquet

Wilson NXT 16


This string is a tried and true classic. Great playability and feel. Players will find them easy to use  and extremely comfortable.


  • Minimal Vibration.
  • Shorter Swings

Babolat Xcel 16


One of our softest strings to date. This lively, comfortable string will be a life saver for your arm.


  • Looking for touch, feel and comfort

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase


This exclusive polyurethane formula offers 400% elasticity for high power and great dissipation of vibrations for comfort. At less than ½ the cost of Natural Gut, be sure to give this a try!


  • Looking for touch, feel and comfort
  • Added spin factor

Gamma TNT 17


The original TNT string features GAMMA’S patented thermal processing technology that enhances elasticity and resiliency. The result is an all-around string that offers exceptional playability, control and feel for all playing styles.


  • Looking for touch, feel and comfort
  • Added spin factor

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