Choosing A Racquet

Which Racquet Is Right For Me?




These racquets are perfect for the player looking for effortless power and more forgiving sweet spots. Typically the head size is larger and they are well suited for people with condensed, short swings. Try these out if you are:

  • New to the game
  • Have difficulty generating power
  • Want a racquet that’s easy to play with
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– Balance Of Power And Control –


These racquets have a perfect blend of features. They have an even weight distribution and typically a mid sized head. The maneuverability will allow a player to experiment with a range of styles, satisfying the baseliners and the serve and volleyer alike.  Try these out if you are:

  • Proficient tennis player
  • Utilize a range of playing styles
  • Want a versatile racquet
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– Players Racquets –


These racquets are for high-level club or professional players. They are typically heavier, have thinner more flexible beams, and smaller heads. The novice tennis player may find these frames too unforgiving and difficult to play with, but high-level player will appreciate the precision and control. Try these out if you:

  • Generate your own power
  • Are looking for pin point accuracy and feel
  • Have been playing in high-level competition

What about grip size?



Simply hold the racquet and place your index finger in the gap between your palm and middle finger. If it does not fit, your grip is too small. If there is still a gap, your grip is too large.



Grab a ruler and place it at the crease of your thumb. Measure the length to the top of your ring finger.  Typically you’re better off airing on the smaller side since you can always build up the thickness with grip tape.

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