Choosing A Racquet

Which Racquet Is Right For Me?

Oversized Frames



These racquets are perfect for the player looking for effortless power and more forgiving sweet spots. The oversized head size is well-suited for people with condensed, short swing. Try these out if you are having difficulty generating power and want a racquet that’s easy to play with.


Featured Racquets Include:

  • Head Instinct PWR
  • Yonex Astrel 115
  • Babolat Pure Drive 107
  • Wilson Ultra 110

Lightweight and Maneuverable 


These racquets are great for beginner and intermediate players looking for easy power in a light and maneuverable frame. The lightness of these frames allows you to maneuver with ease all over the court. They are great from the baseline all the way up to the net. These frames are also great choices for junior players looking to move into an adult frame.


Featured Racquets Include:

  • Wilson Ultra 100L
  • Yonex Ezone 100 Lite
  • Babolat Pure Drive Lite
  • Head Instinct Lite
  • Dunlop CX400
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These racquets are perfect for the modern baseline player. They offer easy access to generating massive amounts of both power and topspin. Perfect for intermediate-advanced players looking to hit deep, penetrating, heavy shots from the baseline. Especially great for those using western or semi- western grips on the forehand.


Featured Racquets Include:

  • Babolat Pure Aero
  • Wilson Clash 100
  • Yonex VCORE 100
  • Head Speed



These racquets work best for intermediate-advanced players looking hit winners from all over the court. This player has long, fast strokes and is always looking for the opportunity to move in and be aggressive. These frames offer more control than the other mid-plus frames with out sacrificing too much power and forgiveness.


Featured Racquets Include:

  • Wilson Blade 98 16×19
  • Babolat Pure Strike 16×19
  • Head Radical Pro
  • Yonex Ezone 98
  • Dunlop CX200
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Ultimate Precision


These frames are made for the most advanced players. They offer an incredible amount of precision, accuracy, and control. They are all significantly heavier than the average racquet and have smaller head-sizes and smaller sweet spots. These frames are unforgiving when hit off-center.


Featured Racquets Include:

  • Wilson Pro Staff 97CV
  • Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour
  • Head Prestige
  • Yonex VCORE Pro 97
  • Dunlop CX200 Tour

What about grip size?



Simply hold the racquet and place your index finger in the gap between your palm and middle finger. If it does not fit, your grip is too small. If there is still a gap, your grip is too large.



Grab a ruler and place it at the crease of your thumb. Measure the length to the top of your ring finger.  Typically you’re better off airing on the smaller side since you can always build up the thickness with grip tape.

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