Boot Storage

The Do's and Don'ts Of Boot Storage

Boot Storage

DO: Buckle up your boots


Whether you are done skiing for the day or the season it is important to at least lightly buckle your boots up. Buckling the boots helps retain the plastic’s shape and avoids the eventual splaying out of the plastic that makes your boots that much harder to buckle up the next time you ski.


DO: Take out your liners after each use


You can take the liner out by grabbing the cuff of the liner with one hand and the plastic shell in the other and pulling them away from each other. Put the liners near a heated area or just let them dry and breathe on their own, just don’t put the plastic shell near the heat. It is especially important to take your liners out when skiing back-to-back days to give them a chance to flash dry before being put through the paces again. Before you take a shower and get ready for après ski take a few minutes to let those liners release the moisture from a day of skiing. Your feet will thank you the next day for not being cold and wet and your friends will thank you for not putting on eau de skiboot perfume. Although, we’re told sixty percent of the time, it works every time.


DON’T: Store your ski boots in abnormal temperatures


Leaving a boot by the fire or radiator after skiing will often cause the plastic to heat and change shape. This effect is only magnified if you leave your boots in a hot or cold place over the course of your ski offseason. We recommend keeping your boots stored in a room away from the sun that doesn’t fluctuate a whole lot in temperature. And use some sort of stuffing to keep out any critters that might want to make a home in your ski boot.

Brandon Brunnewith

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