Atomic Ski Package

Boston Ski + Tennis is offering Atomic Ski and Boot packages for $599.99. The Atomic package is an excellent option for the rental customer looking to take their skiing to the next level without breaking the bank.


While seasonal leasing is very convenient and cost-efficient, a skier looking to grow from a beginner to an intermediate or advanced skier should be using more advanced equipment than rentals have to offer. The improved quality of the equipment will enable stronger and more confident skiing and also increase comfort for skiers looking to make this season their best one yet!


What the Package Includes:

Men’s Ski

Vantage X 75 C Ski


Lightweight, stable and all mountain-driven. The Vantage Series is Atomic’s premier ski line for riders who spend most of their times on groomers but need to be able to handle whatever the conditions are that day.

Featuring a full wood-core and Atomic’s Carbon Tank Mesh, a layer of rigid woven mesh that adds strength and stability while actually reducing weight. The cap-sidewall construction enables edge-grip on smooth or icy slopes and increases durability, while keeping the shovel and tail of the ski lightweight to make the ski easier to handle in glades or moguls. Slight rocker in the shovel makes turn initiation easier, giving skiers a confidence boost.

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Women’s Ski

Cloud 7


All of Atomics women-specific features are included in this ski, giving female riders owning their first pair of skis a completely new experience. Lightweight and featuring a tapered, V-shape design offers easy turn initiation with minimal effort, giving skiers control even if they are still honing their skills.

Bend-X technology includes a special flex zone under the binding area, allowing lighter-weight skiers to flex the ski and put it onto its edge with less power. The modern shape of the Piste-Rocker gives skiers more control over the front of the skis so turns and carves are faster and more responsive. All of this is featured in a very lightweight design that gives skiers all day comfort, so you can make every day on the slopes count without having to take breaks.


Hawx Prime 90 (Mens) and Hawx Prime 85w (Womens)

The legendary Hawx line has been a favorite in the ski industry for years. Now featuring MemoryFit, Atomic’s heat molding process for both the liner and shell, the boots can be worn comfortably by most skiers without needing additional customization. The boots are made with a Prolite construction, which involves removing material from areas that don’t need extra support while reinforcing key zones, resulting in some of the lightest ski boots on the market. Inside the liners are equipped with 3M Thinsulate Insulation, increasing water-resistance and providing the most warmth on the market without turning to boot heaters. Besides increasing comfort, moving to Atomic’s boot offering means an increase in performance and responsiveness while skiing. A better fitted boot with enhanced stiffness means greater control over your skiers, allowing you to carve harder and make sharper turns, giving you the trust in your equipment you need to take your skiing to the next level.


Boston Ski + Tennis is a proud retailer of Atomic, and we are ready to get you set-up with the skis and boots that are right for you.  Come in today!

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