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For those of you too young to have seen them, skis weren't always as short or as wide as they are now. There was a time, not so long ago when skis looked like pieces of 2 by 4 lumber. We adored them though: how longer equaled better; the pride in the skill that it took to lay them over. We were champions of the slopes on skis that we could barely touch when standing on our toes. Guys like Glen Plake, Alberto Tomba, and Jean-Claude Killy were our idols and the voice of Warren Miller was as recognizable as a CocaCola bottle.

The times, they are a-changin' though and more than 15 years later, the new shorter and wider skis are here to stay. Their length makes them more maneuverable, and the width definitely helps them become more stable. We can careen around the mountain all day and still keep our knees intact. Chasing the kids down the slope is as easy as tearing through the bumps. For anyone just starting out, taking it to the next level, or looking to get in on the latest technology, we have the perfect skis to fit your needs. Our expert bootfitter, Chip, in our Westborough store, will help you find the perfect pair. And for those of you who think Glen Plake still stubbornly sticks to his straights, look again! You will find comfort in knowing that he has traded up and is just as good as ever on his new and improved shaped skis!

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