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Tennis Services

Tennis Services

Manufacturer Description Cost
Babolat Natural Gut 69.99
Babolat X-cel 39.99
Babolat RPM / Pro Hurricane Tour / Nvy / Revenge 39.99
Gamma Live Wire 39.99
Gamma TNT / Z Tour 35.99
Gamma DuraSpin 31.99
Head Sonic Pro / FXP 35.99
Head FXP Tour 39.99
Head PPS 29.99
Luxilon Big Banger 39.99
Prince Premier 39.99
Prince Hybrid / Hybrid 3D / Pro Blend / 3D Spin 35.99
Prince Lightning 31.99
Prince Syn Gut 29.99
Wilson NXT 39.99

* Price includes labor and string.

We believe string is equally, if not more, important than the racquet itself.  There are so many different types of strings on the market today. From natural gut to polyester.   Let our tennis experts walk you through our 5 step process to help identify the right string for you.

Having arm problems?  Try natural gut or a high end multifilament string. 

Breaking strings often !  Try Babolat RPM in the mains and Gamma TNT in the crosses.

Did you know that strings lose their elasticity and tension after a couple of months.   If you play twice per week, you should get your racquet restrung atleast twice per year.

We can restring your racquet usually within 24 hours. 




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