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Our Services

Description Cost w/ Full Purchase┬╣ Cost w/ Partial Purchase┬▓ Cost w/o Purchase
Alpine Ski Mount / Remount & Test Free $30 $50
Alpine Ski Adjust & Test Free $25 $25
Alpine Ski High Performance

Tune Hand edges, belt grind, stone finish, hand wax, minor P-Tex work included

N/A $75 $75
Alpine Ski Stone Tune

Machine edges, stone grind / stone finish, machine wax, minor P-Tex work included

N/A $50 $50
Alpine Ski Full Tune

Machine edges, belt grind, machine wax, minor P-Tex work included

N/A $40 $40
Alpine Ski Basic Tune

Machine edges, machine wax, belt grind

N/A $30 $30
Alpine Ski Hand Wax N/A $25 $25
Alpine Ski Machine Wax N/A $15 $15
Snowboard Mount / Remount Free $20 $30
Snowboard Performance Tune N/A $75 $75
Snowboard Stone Tune N/A $50 $50
Snowboard Basic Tune N/A $30 $30
Seasonal Rental Basic Tune $20 $20 $20
P-Tex Base Repair $10 / inch $10 / inch $10 / inch
Base Weld Varies Varies Varies
Major Repair Varies Varies Varies
Custom Boot Work Varies Varies $60 / hour
Daily Ski / Snowboard Rental N/A N/A $30 1st 24 hours, $15 each additional day
Weekend Rental N/A N/A $49 - pick up Thursday and drop off Monday Night
Week Rental N/A N/A $89.99

¹ New ski/snowboard, boot, and binding purchased from Boston Ski + Tennis
² Previously owned boot, ski, snowboard or binding

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